Partner network

In the implementation of e-mobility, there is now a network of more than 500 partners who either already use electric vehicles, are working on the further development of the vehicles as either manufacturers of electric vehicles or electric vehicle components, or are offering, expanding and managing the charging station infrastructure. Among them are also numerous municipal actors such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts and Trades or Stromnetz Hamburg (electricity provider for Hamburg), with whom hySOLUTIONS has been successfully cooperating for many years.

In Hamburg, a large network has been established in the sector of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. This is the result of the early start of the activities in this sector. For example, this includes Wasserstoffgesellschaft Hamburg e.V., which– through the support of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce – provides ideas that support scientific projects such as the H2 Mobility Germany initiative whose goal it is to set up a nationwide H2 filling station infrastructure in Germany.